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Why is sync is deleting the files it just downloaded?

Question asked by Kathryn Taylor on May 12, 2016
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I have the CLI  (Node 4.4.4)  installed on a Windows server.  When I sync it downloads the files, but cleanup deletes the files it just downloaded, leaving empty folders.

I can see the .gz files in the folders, then the gz files disappear.

From the log:

downloaded 155 new files out of 155 total files

new files downloaded [ 'account_dim-00000-ba303757.gz',





searching for old files to remove

will remove files [ 'account_dim/account_dim-00000-ba303757.gz',




finished cleanup, done!

The folders are empty. If I download again, it starts from scratch. I have tried using a status.json file but it is not getting updated. I am trying to automate the download as a part of my planned ETL process to a database. I am running everything from the default install location