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Custom JS/CSS - Face Book and Learning Mode

Question asked by Champion on May 17, 2016
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This morning on GitHub, I found some code snippets from David Keiser-Clark at Williams College where he was able to add "Face Book and Learning Mode" screens to the "People" area of a Canvas course.  The description, screen shots, and code snippets can be found here: canvas-contrib/Branding/JS_and_CSS/add_people_learning_mode at master · kajigga/canvas-contrib · GitHub


While my skills in JS and CSS are not stellar, I tried adding the code snippets to both our global JS and CSS files.  I have been testing things out in our "test" environment which is utilizing the new Canvas UI (User Interface).  After I added the code snippets via the Theme Editor, I was hoping to see David's "Show Face Book" button when I navigated to the "People" area of my sandbox course.  However, it doesn't show up.  So, I'm looking for some help in knowing what to do to fix this.  Thanks, in advance.