Todd Thornton

How are you collecting payments/enrolling students in Canvas courses?

Discussion created by Todd Thornton on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by Shane Hunt

I offer self paced licensing courses where we need to collect tuition when someone registers. I currently use WooCommerce/ for payment which creates accounts in Podio (My customer management system) and handle registrations/accounts inside Canvas mostly in a manual way.


I've explored Canvas Catalog (Which is way too expensive given a few hundred registrations a year) and I realize not too many people are using Canvas currently to sell individual courses, but I'm wondering the setup other people selling individual courses are using? I ask because I just don't see a lot of e-commerce type systems on the front end of Canvas.



Are you using partners like GoSignMeUp as a pseudo student information system?
Are you using a full blown student information system with payment/registration capabilities?
Are you pushing payments/registrations to an external database which is creating accounts automatically in Canvas?
Are you connecting your existing programs through custom connections? (IE In my case developing custom code with a Podio developer) 


I'm trying to streamline things, but since there's not a low cost built in payment system inside Canvas, I'm just trying to think long-term and would like to hear other people's opinions/examples of what they are doing/why.