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Is Canvas Data compatible with Oracle?

Question asked by Glen Parker on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2018 by Stuart Smith

I ask, because I've been trying to convert existing scripts to load data into Oracle, and I've run into a number of potential show stoppers.


1)   Identifiers longer than 30 characters.

The Table  quiz_submission_historical_fact  is 31 characters long

The Column quiz_question_answer_dim.matching_answer_incorrect_match is 31 characters long


Both of these exceed Oracle limits on Identifiers of 30 characters.   My understanding is that I can only truncate these identifiers, and then will have to update any future code I write or share with others to keep this truncation in mind.


2) used as a column name

  date is a reserved keyword.    I can quote the column name ("date") , but omg this is such bad form.   Again, I'll have to remember to quote the column name henceforth in anything I share .


I'm still picking through setting up the schema.   Anyone else gotten this working with Oracle, any more surprised lurking in store?



Thanks, Glen