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GUID usage in LTI 2

Question asked by Pablo Platt on May 25, 2016
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When canvas is registering a new LTI 2 tool there are several GUIDs and it's not clear what's the purpose of them and if they are all required or maybe some are optional.


the consumer is sending the tool_proxy_guid as part of the tool profile and in the success response to the tool proxy registration.


The tool provider sends several GUIDs in the tool proxy json message [1]:

"@id": "<tool_proxy_guid>"


tool_profile -> production_instance -> guid

tool_profile -> service_provider -> guid


The tool_proxy_guid sent by the provider should be the same as the tool_proxy_guid sent from the consumer?

I saw an example where it isn't the same.


What's the difference between the product_instance guid and the service_provider guid?

Is the service_provider part required or can I just ignore it as a tool provider?

Does it has to be a real GUID or can it be the provider domain? (


What part of the tool proxy is required and canvas use and what part is optional?

It's not clear from the imsglobal spec.