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Exporting Questions from Canvas

Question asked by Annette Moulder on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by Annette Moulder

I have noticed something when I was trying to export some questions from Canvas to make a paper copy of by importing into Respondus. I exported an exam from  a course in Canvas and tried to import into Respondus, but I received an error message from Respondus. I looked at the QTI file and noticed nothing was in it. I looked at the exam in Canvas and noticed the exam is linked to question banks instead of having questions in the exam itself. I was able to export and import the exam successfully when I copied the questions from the bank into the exam.


Does this mean I can’t export any exams from Canvas if the exams are only linked to question banks? So far, I could not find anything in the Canvas Guides or on the community about this. Has anyone else encountered this?