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Remove accidental quiz attempt

Discussion created by Tiffany Morgan on May 27, 2016
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We have a quiz set to allow multiple attempts and accept the highest grade. A student accidentally opened the quiz again and then submitted right away when they realized the error. The result is two attempts for the same student, but only one that should be graded. The teacher added a score in the speed grader, but in the gradebook a "Q" still remains showing there are attempts that need graded. The entered score is not being calculated in to the total grade.

I have tried using Fudge Points to add a score for the second attempt, but I cannot get the Q to disappear nor can I get a score to be included in the total grade. I finally just graded the second attempt and then that score pushed to the gradebook.


I have read many of the comments/posts about the inability to delete a submission but what are users doing in the meantime before Canvas implements a solution? Just grade all attempts? Seems like that quickly gets unwieldy