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Quiz Points Possible

Question asked by Sarah Inman on May 31, 2016

I'm back, Canvas Community!


I have a question about points possible in quizzes. A faculty has a quiz set up with eight questions worth 2.5 points each; however, she wants students to only answer six of the eight questions. In this way, the quiz should be worth 15 points (2.5x6); however, it shows it is worth 20 because it counts all eight questions.



If she keeps the quiz set as it is now, students will choose the questions they want to answer -- leaving two blank. This means that even if a student gets everything correct on their six questions, they would have a 15/20 in the gradebook. I suggested she go into the gradebook and change the total score to 15 instead of 20. However, she would have to export the gradebook to do this and then re-import.


Does anyone out there know a simpler solution to this issue?