Would You Rather... Have Lesson Templates Provided For You or Create Your Own?

Discussion created by on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Laura Filder

As a district instructional technology coach I have had several teachers ask for course / lesson templates to work off of. Sometimes the idea around "designing" a lesson page or structuring an entire course can seem overwhelming. Recently I had the opportunity to visit a school district where they had teachers build quality course lessons using a standard design template. Once each lesson had been built it went through a critiquing process that involved several people (ranging from curriculum director to instructional coach to principal to teacher). Once approved each lesson became available for all teachers in the district to use for that specific grade level / department etc... The district I visited had a detailed roll out plan starting with one specific grade level in one specific content area and over the course of several years had completely developed high quality digital lessons for their teachers. I am seeking feedback on whether or not you would rather have lesson / course templates provided for you (as a starting point) or if you would rather just create your own?