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Crocodoc strikeout and highlight tool issues

Question asked by Emily Hunt on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2017 by Gary Schubert

I believe this question is related to this: Crocodoc strikeout and highlight tools not working properly


Periodically I run up against a bug in Crocodoc that seems to only appear in Chrome. The highlight tool in the SpeedGrader won't work (when you highlight it'll look something like a very thin, broken line) and strikeout won't work at all. It's a known issue and we've passed tickets to Canvas Support who engage with Crocodoc's support, which is all well and good.


I know my users aren't the only ones dealing with this issue, I expect many of yours are as well, so my question to you is this: have any of you found a way to fix this? Switching browsers works, but I've got people who really want to work out of Chrome. I've updated Chrome, cleared its cache and cookies, disabled extensions, used incognito, switched networks - the whole nine, and nothing seems to fix the problem. Has anyone else had any luck? (FWIW, I did also pose this question to Canvas Support - just covering my bases!)