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Arizona Time and Canvas Students

Discussion created by Julia Olsen on Jun 7, 2016
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Not sure if a discussion is the right place for this, but after setting up my Canvas courses, a few weeks later I noticed that all my due dates and times were off. I have my computer set to Arizona time, but didn't realize that in Canvas I had to also set the time zone.


Then once the classes started, and my Canvas dates/times were correct, a number of my students complained that the listed times and dates were wrong (based on what I had told them in class and in other references).  So...


We started doing some checking.  Turns out that the student computers were set to automatically pick up the time or were set to Mountain Time (with no DST - their computer showed the correct day/time) but in Canvas because my turn in times are all 11:59PM, every single one changed over to the next date.


Really something to deal with on both the instructor and the student side.


Would be great to include in Canvas help/manuals perhaps?