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Ability to hide assignment and grades from student

Question asked by Laura Knockel on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by cesbrandt

In the gradebook, we would like to add grades in that the students do not see. For example, they receive a score out of 100 on a 3-part assignment. We only want the students to see the final grade out of 100, but we still want to have a record of his/her score on each of the 3 parts for instructor use only:


Assignment ____/100 (visible to students)

     Part 1 ____/30 (students cannot see)

     Part 2 ____/30 (students cannot see)

     Part 3 ____/40 (students cannot see)


Is this possible?


The "mute" function in the gradebook will not work as it still shows an assignment and a line in the gradebook to the students. If we make the assignment unpublished, we lose the ability to enter grades for that assignment.


Thank you!