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Requiring Student ID as security on online exams

Question asked by Joseph Kwashnak on Jun 14, 2016
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I know that you can password protect an exam, but I wondered if there was a way to make an exam where they must answer a question in order to move on to the exam.  I want the student to have to enter in their student ID as a text answer (so no checking) and then they would be able to see the rest of the exam. I can see that I can simulate that by setting up so that each question displays individually, but I wondered if you could have this as a login screen almost (instead of a password) and then give them the multi-question view for the real exam.


Alternately, can I give them a password that is wildcard based - so the login password checks if it is a string of say 7 characters long (to match their student ID length) without having to match a specific string of characters?


I know that it sounds strange. I'm trying to add some additional (or at least the perception) of additional individual security to online exams.


Any thoughts are appreciated.


J.J. Kwashnak