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Extra Credit Assignments--Points based grade book

Question asked by Fredrick Curry on Jun 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by John Schutt

I am still having a difficult time handling extra credit so that it doesn't get calculated into the grade book.


Suppose that I have a quiz that I want to be entirely extra credit.


I already have the quiz set up with auto-feedback for correct/incorrect answers.  But if I make the quiz worth points there seems to be no way to tell Canvas not to include those points into the score total.


If I make each question worth 0 points, then it does not seem as if canvas would inform me that I need to grade quizzes as they are taken because they are scored automatically (but the score would then be zero).


I would like to have a way to have the quiz score as normal, but for the total points of the score not to be included in the total.  In other words, if I have a 1000 point course and a 5 point extra credit quiz, then the final scores will be calculated based on 1000 points, not 1005.


I am having the similar difficulties of for EX forums and other assignments.



I do not want to use a weighted grading book.  I want to use points.  I tried to do it by weighting last semester and it still seemed to factor in the points and therefore artificially lower the grades of students who did not do the EX.



The summer semester is starting, and I have yet to be able to resolve this.


It seems difficult to believe that a system as complex as canvas does not have an easy way to handle something as basic as extra credit--so I am sure that I must just be missing something.