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Pass / Fail Rubric Scenario - Ideas Wanted

Discussion created by Sarah Houts on Jun 13, 2016
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Ok, Admins - I need some advice. We have a course where students submit a video. The assignment is technically worth 10 points; however, students have to successfully complete criteria on a checklist. The instructor wants to convert the checklist into a rubric. Each criterion doesn't have points associated with it. The instructor wants to be able to open SpeedGrader, view the video with the rubric open, and then select Full Marks or No Marks for each criterion. Students are awarded the 10 points if they "pass" a certain amount of checklist items (rubric criteria). We found that we can do this; however, when a student views the rubric from the Gradebook, he/she won't see if Full Marks or No Marks was highlighted. There are just too many students involved, so asking them to only look at the assignment isn't going to work. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make this work since Pass / Fail rubrics aren't supported in Canvas. Unless they are, and I haven't been told?


Our next ideas are to create a fillable PDF of the checklist so the instructor can use while watching the video in SpeedGrader or somehow incorporate this into a quiz.


Your suggestions / ideas are greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Sarah