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CAS Session Logs Users Out Even While Active

Question asked by Helen Dvorak on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by Kenneth Rogers

We are new to Canvas and have run into an issue.  We authenticate with CAS.  Our CAS server is logging users out of Canvas after the 2 hour timeout that is set on our CAS server for inactivity logout.  The users are active in Canvas. Canvas has told us that Canvas does not update the session ticket (TGT) that is initiated at login.  Since the ticket is not updated, the CAS server assumes that the user has been inactive and logs the user out. 


I am interested in how other institutions that are using CAS for authentication purposes are handling this issue.


I know that we can increase the 2 hours to a larger time, but this does not fix the issue if a user is in the system view content and then begins an hour long exam thirty minutes before the time expires.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,