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Usage Rights loophole

Question asked by CRogers on Jun 20, 2016
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Has anyone else experienced a loophole with the Usage Rights?


I have set the usage rights as required for my course. When I go to upload a file (for example a jpg), I see the notification about setting the usage rights and I am unable to set the file as published. However, I am also able to ignore the usage rights and not set anything. Then, if I go and create a new content page, I am able to use the rich content editor to add the jpg to the content page and publish the page without ever having set the usage rights on the jpg.


In a second test, I was able to replicate this process with a pdf. I uploaded it but did not set any usage rights. Then I created a new content page and was able to use the content selector to add the pdf to the page. I published the page without having set usage rights on the pdf. 


Has anyone else experienced this? If so, do you know of a way to close the loophole?