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Customizing a message to students

Question asked by SeyedSaeid Hosseinipoor on Jun 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by SeyedSaeid Hosseinipoor

Consider a class with 150 students. I want to send a message to students starting with their name. I want to write "Dear Alex," instead of "Dear Students".


In general form, my question is whether does Canvas have any possibility to use a standard string like name$ which would be replaced with the student name in their receiving message.


I found a useful possibility in grading section which enables me to send a message to students who meet a special condition (i.e. who get grade less than 67). I want to have this feature automatically in a format like:


Dear "Alex",


Your grade in "Assignment 1" was greater than "95". Please send me a bio and photo of yours to post in hall of fame.



your teacher.



The expressions within "" are the automatically customized fields.