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Any way to make Online Quiz questions worth one half point apiece?

Question asked by Mr. Alan Parman on Jun 29, 2016
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I have quizzes that I currently grade outside of Canvas where each question is worth 1/2 point.  Quizzes are practice for Exams and therefore not worth as much (just like practice for sports).  I divide their score by 2 by hand and then enter that point total into Gradebook.


I would love to not have to print quizzes, collect scantrons, and use the scantron machine, and then enter grades by hand.  Let Canvas Gradebook and Canvas Quizzes do the work for me!  Isn't that what a LMS should do?  Make life paperless and easier?


  • Is there a way in a Canvas Assignment Online Quiz to make each question worth 1/2 point?
    • To take their total number correct and divide by 2, and use that as their score?


Thanks in advance.