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Changing Grading Groups Mid-Year

Question asked by Jon Civitella on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by Kristin Lundstrum

Hi CC,


I am tinkering with the idea of adopting "grading periods" rather than creating two separate terms. Last year we created a Semester One course, then copied the content and created a new Semester Two class. This year I'd like to just create a '16-'17 course and divide it into 2 separate grading periods: Semester One & Two. With that said, I wanted to know if it's possible to change the grading groups weight mid year? For example, we don't offer a final exam during Semester One, but do so for Semester Two, therefore I need to change the weighting of my gradebook/grading schemes to reflect that. Does anyone know if grading group weighting manipulation is possible when using grading periods? Thanks in advance!