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Is there really no way to hide feedback until after the due date?

Question asked by Don Bryn on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2016 by Don Bryn

I've been trying to understand this, and I've read and re-read this document:  Quiz Settings to Maximize Security , but I still don't believe there's no way to hide feedback until after the due date for a quiz.   I've also searched the answers but haven't found anything else that seems relevant.


This just seems to basic to me that maybe I just refuse to believe it's not possible in Canvas. . .


How do teachers give students quizzes in Canvas and ensure they can't see answers or share answers?  Do they really have to keep track of every assignment and quiz in every course and remember to manually change feedback settings after every due date. . .????


I hope I'm just missing something and someone will give me a magic answer. . .