Philip McGachey

Schema 1.11.1 enum values

Discussion created by Philip McGachey on Jun 29, 2016

Hi, all


We have an automated system that downloads and verifies the Canvas Data files using the API before feeding the data into our ETL and processing pipeline. Part of this verification involves checking the data against the schema using a generated Java SDK.


The documentation for the latest schema release (1.11.1) flags a number of fields in the new assignment_override_dim table as enums. However, it does not indicate what values are acceptable for that enum. Previous schemas have included the allowable values in the column description; in the absence of a machine-readable specification of enum values, we have been parsing the description field (see Canvas Data: Make enum values in schema machine-readable , which I suspect isn't going to make it to 100 upvotes).


Can the 1.11.1 schema documentation be updated to include the allowable enum values for the new fields?