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Discussion created by on Jul 8, 2016
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Has anyone done a Canvas relaunch? We have Canvas here at UNTHSC but it is not being used the best it can be in all cases. Student technology surveys indicate that students are frustrated by the lack of consistency and organization from a couple of our programs. We have been looking at all the initial launch materials (esp those from Kona Jones - thank you Kona) but wondered if anyone had done a relaunch.  One thing to know is we have one college that uses Canvas in ways that are incredible - and I do not mean good incredible - and are an extremely hard sell. They do not wish to change what they are doing and we are not in a position to require it.


We know what areas faculty need help in, but are trying to find the best approach. I have been pondering the infographic here as a possible kick-off point - using :

LMS Course Design Infographic:

with good course design as the key factor. I am just looking for ideas. Does anyone have a "Canvas Campaign" they have done that was a rousing success (besides Kona, whose stuff I have already gathered!!)


In the spirit of brainstorming, all ideas are welcome.