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Comparing pre-test and post-test analysis of quizzes

Question asked by hallmans on Jul 5, 2016
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This is a forward from an instructor. Has anyone had any experience with this?


I have been using a pre-test, post-test for my BUSI 405 – 001 class for the past few
semesters.  Recently, I went into the quiz function in Canvas, and I asked
to look at the Quiz summary.  I get this nice display (see snip of partial
report below) of results for the full quiz and for each item.  Then I ask
for an item analysis so that I can download the results to an Excel spreadsheet
and play around with it.  But the numbers reported for percentage correct
responses are different from those values for the item in the original display,
as is the average performance on the full quiz, as is the number of respondents
for each question.  For example, here is are snips from the Canvas Report
– Average score for full quiz = 88%; Number of respondents for item 1 = 31; %
correct for item 1 = 91%.  Compare this with the information provided
below in the item analysis that I downloaded to Excel – Average score for full
quiz = 72% (last number in the column); Number of respondent for item 1 =
30; % correct for item 1 = 63%.   The same sort of thing occurs
for item 2 as well.  


Am I overlooking something obvious here?  Or is there some issue with what Canvas is picking up to

  quiz issue.jpg