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Discussion created by Rob Gibson on Jul 13, 2016
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But, I just don't think video integration in Canvas is where it needs to be. I was just assisting a student uploading a video using Kaltura + Canvas. Here's the workflow....


1. Faculty member needs to remember to enable Kaltura on the sidebar AND select Text Entry for the assignment. (Completely un-intuitive. Enable the Text Entry for a video upload? Why? That's because Canvas doesn't expose the toolbar for the file upload option which is where people would expect to upload a video, and you need the toolbar to locate the Kaltura LTI.)


2. Then the student needs upload the video to My Media (Kaltura) > return to the assignment > remember to select "Text Entry" > know to look for the "V" hidden menu > then select Kaltura.


Holy smokes, can we make this process more difficult please. Not looking for an answer....just venting. It's no wonder students just use YouTube. It's 100 times easier.