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Master Template Responsibility/Management

Discussion created by Rochelle Brock on Jul 13, 2016
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Our institution follows a cohort model in which we have year round starts for both online and on-ground courses, typically lasting six weeks. We have master templates for each course, and we copy the courses from the master template into each course as they are created. Currently, we have a small curriculum team manage all of the master templates, ensuring all content is up to date. If an error is found in a live section, instructors are advised to contact the curriculum department to ensure the fix is made in the master template.  We are experiencing a good amount of growth and we seem to be outgrowing this model.  We aim to move towards more instructor responsibility via course coordinator roles in the future. As we work towards a shift in our current processes, it would be helpful to hear how curriculum management is handled at other higher education institutions, from both a content development and Canvas implementation point of view.