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Grading using speed grader and crocdoc

Question asked by Sean Stephens on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

I need to know the proper way to enter grades into the grading system. As it is now, I have documents that I open in Crocdoc and I use a rubric to pass judgement on the hapless minions, then I close the window and the speed grader window is open. It has a space for the grade and sometimes the grade I entered from the rubric populates that box, but usually it does not. If not, I can enter a grade, tell it to update, and it updates the grade center.


In cases where I do not use a rubric, it will never update from crocdoc into speed grader, so I have to enter that manually. I like being able to advance from one graded paper to another, but if I have to keep going back and forth, then it starts feeling cumbersome just to be able to grade.