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How do I align the Learning mastery gradebook & Grades with a 4.0 scale? And, rubric questions for outcomes.

Discussion created by elisabeth huber on Jul 14, 2016
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Is there a way to convert my canvas to a 4.0 scale?

I'm using the learning mastery gradebook.  I have 3 sections for grading. 60% is assessments/summative, 30% for assignments/summative, and 10% for bellwork. I'm aligning everything I do to a standard.  Every standard has a rubric on a 1-4 scale. I grade everything on a 1-4 scale. If it's a big assignment then the assignment has multiple standards. I use the 30% section for practice. The kids see the rubric, but it's not attached (because I don't want this appearing in their learning mastery gradebook). I simply put the rubric in the assignment text box instead.


A student should be able to pass my class with a D. A 1 represents "emerging." A student can be emerging on all standards and still pass.   I do not have a D- on my scale.


My system looks like this:

Rubric ScaleLetter ScaleWords used
4AMastery + (attainable, but perfection)

Grading scale: (see question #6)

Letter grade% low end of scale



1) The decaying option works in the learning mastery grade book; however, it does not transfer to the actual grade book. The assignments stay at the point value originally assigned. The grade book averages the grades. So, all 3 assignments are averaged vs decaying. Is there a way to have the normal gradebook decay like the mastery gradebook does?

2) I can't edit an outcomes mastery scale or grading method if it's already been used to grade an assignment. Is there a way around this?

3) The descriptions in the mastery grade book are phrased super negative. Isn't learning mastery about progress? The phrase "Well Below Mastery" is horrible! Is there a way to CHANGE the phrase?

4) When using a rubric scale for outcomes, I've been creating an outcome. Then, I make a rubric for the outcome. I've been attaching the same rubric via find rubric for each assignment. In theory, this means that the outcome/rubric are aligned and the outcome will be graded in the learning mastery grade book for each assignment that I add a rubric to...is this correct thinking?

5) What if I create a new rubric but use the same outcome? Will the new rubric/outcome also go into the specific learning mastery gradebook section as in #4 above?

6) (SEE chart above) I had to change the grading scale (thresholds), because using a normal A-100%, D= 65% and below, doesn't work with a 1-4 scale. If a D is passing, and a 1=emerging/passing, then it shows that in the learning mastery gradebook. However, in the actual grade book it equates the score to a kid failing...because to the grading system a 1/4=25%. So, I did the math. See the scale above. The issue is, once it calculates the kids score, it shows a 50% and a C (for example). I HATE that there is a percentage there. It's confusing to kids. Can I change it to a 4.0 scale or get rid of the %? I don't want kids or parents seeing a C and a 50%..how confusing for them!

7) Is there an easier way to get the 1=D in the gradebook then the above?