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student-specific time zone deadlines

Question asked by Dale Hutchcraft on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2016 by C. David

I received the following email the following question from one of my students.

Bob, Dale,


While it's a huge blessing to have the assignment hours shifted to my time zone, I'm not sure that solves the underlying problem for others who live overseas.


It's surprising Canvas doesn't already handle time zone offset, as this is a regular problem for any software used internationally (like our own Relativity software).  Doesn't it make most sense to have the due dates respect the time zone of the submitting student, not locked into a particular time zone?  I'm certain this is a valid option for universities, since DeVry did this with our due dates for the Bachelor program I finished in Phoenix.


Is there some other reason you wouldn't track due dates by the student's time zone?


With Curiosity,


I responded to the student in the following way

Interesting point, Alex.

We'll look deeper into the Canvas capabilities to see if your idea of student-specific time zone deadlines are even an option.


I have been doing some research and reading up on this and I do not seem to be finding a place where there is an answer. I may just be overlooking something can anyone give any advice on this?

Or is this something that cannot be done through canvas?