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Are your Canvas students being inactivated in Turnitin?

Question asked by Tracey DeLillo Expert on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by Kori Schneider

I'm sorry to start another Turnitin LTI problem thread, but we're experiencing another issue that I don't see addressed elsewhere. We suddenly have a number of cases of students getting the message "User not found for this account and API product" when they access Turnitin through Canvas. Canvas support responded that this is caused by students being inactivated in Turnitin, and that the workaround is to enroll them in an "active" class. They're saying that because the enrollments exist in the Canvas course before the Turnitin assignments are configured, the student is not activated.


When we first switched from the API integration to the LTI integration, students were being prompted to accept the Turnitin agreement, and that was the only additional step needed. I fear that what we're seeing is (another) unexpected ramification from moving to the LTI.


Has anyone experienced this? Is there another workaround, beyond re-enrolling the student?