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Adding a percent extra credit to overall grade

Discussion created by Wendy Mack on Jul 18, 2016
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My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, I was unable to find it by searching the Q/A or documentation.


I have a professor who wants to add a specific percentage of extra credit to the overall grade in a weighted gradebook (not as a part of a sub-group).  For example, they want to create a 25 point assignment that is 5% extra credit to the overall grade.  It seems to me that we could just create an extra group that adds the desired percentage over 100% to count as extra credit.  (see below)


I did some tests and it came out to the expected grade, however I wanted to ask the community if this was indeed the correct way to set up an extra credit assignment.  We've been burned in the past with extra credit in Moodle and I'm hesitant to train my professors in this way before it is thoroughly vetted.


Thanks for your help!