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Student account disappeared from Canvas due to override

Question asked by Ilana Larke Champion on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by Stefanie Sanders

Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me.


Our student email addresses are always their first name followed by the first initial of their

Last year i had a student, Emily La who existed in canvas and was a student in a course.

So this student had login and contact method as



Yesterday i had our IT department setup the logins for my new students. One student is called Emily Li. Therefore her email is


When i went in to check that the usernames and passwords were working, i did get a message in canvas for the new Emily that her contact method was not working. This prompted me to remember about the original Emily because of course you can't have 2 students with the same email addressand/or logins in canvas.

I thought it would be easiest to create a dummy email address for the original Emily as she no longer receives  canvas notifications anyway and give this email address to the new Emily. However, the original Emily no longer exists in canvas!


How do i get her grades and all other information back?


And how can i add the email address to the new Emily as a contact method as Canvas still thinks it is being used by another student even though i can't see it.



The reason that it wasn't picked up by our IT department was because they would not have realised there was a double up in email addresses as the original Emily would have had her email address deactivated when she graduated.