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Student Accessing Concluded Course

Question asked by Tim Darrow on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by Tim Darrow

At my institution there was a student who had to leave campus due to a medical emergency and was unable to finish her courses she was enrolled in. She is back now and has received permission from her professors to complete where she left off. However, I am having an incredible difficult time getting the courses' quizzes to open up to her. I placed her in a new section in her course, which is set to conclude at some future date, and then added a quiz assignment section to each quiz specifying that particular section and a future end date. Regardless of all this, the quizzes continue to say "This quiz is no longer available as the course has been concluded".


The course was ended. nearly two months ago. The Term end date is set to be three weeks after the course was set to conclude three weeks after the course ended. What am I missing?