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Discussion created by Sean Keesler on Jul 21, 2016

Our department uses Canvas to deliver professional development training to individuals and B2B clients. As a result, we've done a bit of customization to the UI to emphasize the course outline (Modules and Pages) over the tools (Assignments, Discussions, etc). Much of our content is presented in video format with the intent being to complete each module in a linear fashion. Our videos are hosted in Kaltura and close captioned through a service called SubPly. Videos are placed on the page using Kaltura's kwidget, which invokes a Flash player (which works well with SubPly and helps us meet Section 508) for most users, and the Universal (HTML5) player for mobile users (which doesn't support SubPly). We set this system up, largely unchanged for several years but are looking at it again.


The drivers behind looking at this again include:

  • We want our videos to live behind our "paywall"...they currently are obscure, but that doesn't really cut it
  • We want our courses and to work on mobile, with closed captioning. The new Canvas UI is responsive and (with some further customization) likely to be on a mobile device. Defaulting to an HTML5 player for everyone would be great, but SubPly isn't lovin' it (yet?).
  • We want our videos to be searchable. Kaltura has an LTI integration that provides search, if your transcripts are stored in Kaltura (not SubPly). We'd need to do some wrangling to either get rid of SubPly in favor of a transcription service that works better with Kaltura or find a way to migrate/sync that transcription data between systems.
  • We want a more immersive course design. Kaltura's LTI functionality either has the ability (or it's coming soon) to embed a quiz inside a video. Instructional designers would love it. Students would love it.


Has anyone implemented their video hosting with these requirements in mind? I'm curious to hear of other approaches that would work, better services out there, etc.