InstCon 2016 - A Vendor's Perspective

Discussion created by on Jul 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by Sean Nufer

I'm Chris Munzo with The specified item was not found. and we were one of the exhibiting partners at InstructureCon in Keystone.  I just wanted to reach out to the community with a blanket "thank you"!


I've been exhibiting at trade shows and user conferences for nearly 30 years.  (Yes, I'm old.)  But I can honestly say that I'm overwhelmed by open-mindedness of the Instructure client base and just so thrilled at how many of you came up to us and asked "So what do you do?"  As partners, that's all we can ask for -- the opportunity to tell you how we think we could help you.


So thank you for being willing to talk to us and we'll see you next year...if not sooner!