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No way to make this work?  Canvas Selects make questions difficult

Question asked by Don Bryn on Jul 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2016 by James Jones

Is there really no way to make this work in Canvas?

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I've visited this subject over and over and can't find any way to make this work.   Every time I have a question that won't work in Canvas, it's because of the CSS on the selects.   In normal HTML Selects size to fit their contents, but in Canvas Selects have a specific height (38px) and width (220px).  I understand about readability, but if you look at these selects, the answers are only 1 or 2 letters, so making the select wider doesn't make it any more readable!   Matter of fact, it makes it look childish and awkward.


HTML is designed to be flexible, contracting and expanding around content and user screens.   So why have we taken that away in Canvas to make something so rigid and inflexible?


I've even tried adding a white background to the table so at least the question border can't be seen through the table, but for some reason Canvas strips that out too.  ( I've tried background-color on the table, an added <div> and an added <span>).


For now, these questions will remain in my courses as they are because I can't find any work around.  When students complain or laugh, I'll just have to agree with them:  "Yes, this is not very professional, but Canvas just doesn't do certain things very well."


I don't like having to say that, but unless someone in the Canvas world has a solution. . .