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I can not assign an assignment to an specific group in a course

Question asked by on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Michael Substelny

I am trying to assign an assignment to a course group so as to only the members of the assigned group can view the assignment in the course. The other groups in the course should not be able to view that assignment. I have read the following link:, and it seems to match what I am looking for. However, when I try to “assign to Group”, as described in the documentation, no groups are showed in the list. Only course sections and students are displayed. Even when I try to enter the group name, no results are found. As a result, I can not make available the assignment only to the desired group.

I have even tried to assign the  assignment to an specific section but after saving the changes and editing again a “Everyone else” section has been automatically added. The same happens when I try to assign the assignment to an specific user.

Am I doing anything wrong? Is there any bugs in the Canvas functionality of assigning to an specific group/section/student in the course?.

I do not know if there are any other alternatives to make available an assignment only to a course group, not to all of them.


The following screenshots try to explain what I am saying. The purpose is that only the students in the group called "Group Set 1 - Group 1" can view the assignment.


First, I create three Group Sets in the course: Group Set 1, Group Set 2 and Group Set 3.


Secondly, I create the assignment.

I select the Group Set 1 as the group Assignment.



This is where I try to assign the assignment for an specific group in the Group Set 1. However, only sections and students are displayed:



I try to enter manually the group name but no results are showed:



This is what happens when I try to assign for a course sections:



And after saving and editing again the "Everyone else" has been added automatically.


As a result, every group in the course can view the assignments that I create. All suggestions to try to solve this problem are welcome.