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Grouped Assignments with a Single Rubric Score

Question asked by on Jul 25, 2016
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My organization has many assessments/assignments that are actually made up of several sub-assignments which all are grouped together under the same group name. For example, Assignment 1 might include assignment 1. A, Assignment 1. B, and Assignment 1.C. Generally, participants are required to submit all of the sub-assignments in a group but not always; for example, in Assignment 1, participants can choose to complete either an ELA or a Math sub-assignment and do not need to complete both.


I have the task of replicating this structure in Canvas, as best as possible.


As far as I can tell, Canvas does not have a feature that allows us to create grouped assignments with a single rubric which when scored shares the rubric score across the sub-assignments within the assignment group. Please let me know if I'm missing some feature or process that would help!


I recognize that we can create each sub-assignment as its own assignment or graded survey in Canvas and we can group assignments together so that they appear together in the Gradebook, however, we cannot assign one rubric to the entire group. If we create a rubric in Canvas and associate it with each of the sub-assignments but only one rubric is completed for one of the assignments in the group, we have some sub-assignments that go into Qlik Reporting as having no rubric score associated with them which is confusing.


Thanks in advance for your brainpower!