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API for create group

Question asked by Jeffrey Thomas Rohan on Jul 25, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by Rob Ditto

I have a tool that gets a Group from a source Course (API: getGroups) and then attempts to create a new Group in a Target course with the same info (name, etc).  The issue is that when I create/edit the group in the source course I am allowed to set the Group Limit.  This Group Limit setting supercedes the Group Set max membership setting.  However, there is no Group_limit in the Group object so when I create the Group in the target course there is no way to set the Group Limit to be the same as the group in the source course.  For one or 2 courses this wouldn't be an issue but this could be hundreds of courses this affects.


Is there any way to set the Group Limit value in an API:createGroup?