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Pass quiz id along with LTI launch

Question asked by Vikas Pagar on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by Kenneth Rogers

Hello All,


Currently, I am working on third party app integration with canvas using LTI, which need exchange of quiz information to make integration smooth. So, if there are many quizzes, and each time tool is launched, I need to know related quiz. In canvas terms, on each LTI launch for given quiz, quiz related information (any identifier will do, quiz id, name etc.) should be passed as LTI launch parameter.  In current approach, I create mapping assignment for each canvas quiz, with external tool option and quiz id as launch parameter. However, this approach pollutes a canvas assignment section and other places too, which is really bad for student and instructor experience.


I want to know if there is better way to get this information?

Is there a way to create external tool links without making them visible in instructor and student view?

If there way, how can I configure our tool to pass these additional parameters?

Please share your thoughts on possible solutions even if they do not meet exact requirement.


Thank you