Canvas + Turnitin: Retreive TII originality score again after due date has passed

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@Summary: Depending on the settings in the Turnitin LTI, TII calculates the originality score (OR) when the paper is submitted, and again after the due date passes, or only when the due date passes. Canvas only retrieves the score once, when the student submits to Turnitin.


Symptom: There are two possible negative outcomes:

    1. If the OR changes between the students submission time and the due date, then Canvas will show the OR at the time of the submission, but TII will show the OR at the due date.
    2. If a the TII LTI settings are chosen to allow students to resubmit, but only calculate the OR after the due date, Canvas can get stuck when retrieving the OR


Cause: Canvas only retrieves the OR at the time of submission, but TII calculates the OR multiple times.

Detection: A mismatch between the OR in the TII LTI and Canvas will be visible, or the OR will be absent from Canvas, depending on settings.

What’s already been done: Canvas has opened an issue with our engineers to calculate the OR again after the due date has passed.


Proposed solutions: If there is a due date present in Canvas, Canvas will attempt to retrieve the score again.


NOTE: For this to work, the Due Date would have to be set in Canvas, which would then be passed during LTI launch to TII if the tool has its custom fields is configured correctly.




Option 1: Rely on the score that is shown in the TII LTI and ignore the one visible in Canvas


Option 2: Open a case with the Canvas support team. They may be able to repair the issue with a script.


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