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Building and grading a final project step by step

Question asked by Whitney Clay on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by awilliams

I know I'm not the only teacher who wants to do this:


I want to break down my students' final course project and guide them through it step by step, week by week.  As they Weekly assignments will focus on smaller project elements.  Instead of creating a series of little assignments--which will require them at the end of the course to dig back through old assignments so they can copy & paste all the pieces into a complete draft--I want to be able to give grades and feedback along the way, all in the same document.


When the weekly assignments are all finished, they will be able to incorporate feedback and make revisions all right in that same document they will ultimately turn it in as their finished project. 


Ideally, the project file will save of all versions of the document as well as all comments (from teacher and peers) along the way.  It would all be embedded into that one document so there a record of all the work it took to get to the final product. 


Can I do this in an e-portfolio assignment?   If not there, then is there another way?  This HAS to be doable, but how? I'd prefer to do it IN Canvas instead of linking to something else like Google Docs.


Thank you in advance, colleagues, for your ideas and camaraderie.