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Shouldn't ePortfolios allow for hosting of html content?

Question asked by Jeffrey Anderson on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Ken Black

For instructors who teach web design/development it would be nice if ePortfolios would allow for users to upload html content render in the browser rather than prompt visitors to download individual files the user has uploaded to their personal account space. As of now if I link to a file in my files area it does this:



If students could use Canvas as a means of displaying their ability to design a web site or web pages along with other skills, and show them off to other students and outside entities (i.e. potential employers) it would be nice. Students would have to pay for external hosting if this is a requirement in a course. If Canvas already does this, it's not very evident. Should this be a feature request? I can't get any similar ideas to show up in a search to vote it up. If anyone comes across one or knows of one could you send it my way? I'll post this one as my own feature request in the meantime.