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How does one embed an html page into a Canvas page?

Question asked by Anthony Tyler on Jul 28, 2016
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I have an HTML file that contains a form that submits a response to a server.  If I upload that file to the Files section of Canvas, then I can link to it from a Canvas Page.    A link will show up, and I can click on that link in the Page and the html file will be properly displayed in a new tab (with a download link that I would rather not have).   I would like that link to show up embedded in the Canvas page instead of opening in a new tab, but there is no in-line preview option for an html file.    Is there a way to fix this problem?


I'm basically creating a dynamic page that students will login to.  I want them to submit a response (via the html file) and then they will see a dynamically updating image on the Page as well. 


Is this possible?


I know how I can achieve similar functionality in a work around method, but it doesn't have the same visual appeal as the in-line html file preview would have.