Issues with 3.14 for iOS

Discussion created by Ryan.Seilhamer@ucf.edu Champion on Jul 28, 2016
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In case you don't get the admin message:


We recently released a new version of the Canvas iOS app (v.3.14). Some users have reported a range of problems after updating to 3.14:

  • The app sometimes quits / closes when performing certain functions, including when viewing the calendar in the “month” view, moments after signing in, when submitting an anonymous submission comment to an assignment, or when sending a message in Conversations
  • An error message sometimes appears when accessing the Grades tab, retrieving the list of courses on the Courses tab, or clicking the “Open in Safari” link in course settings
  • The total grade for some courses shows “ - “ when a score should appear
  • Users sometimes cannot add new course files
  • Users sometimes cannot open quizzes or discussions from the To Do list
  • The View button in a popup notification does not work consistently
  • The To Do list appears out of order (not arranged by assignments’ due dates)

We sincerely apologize for these issues. Our mobile development team has prepared a fix and will submit it to Apple tomorrow (Friday, 29 July). We’ve asked for expedited review and anticipate that the update will be available to users early next week. We’ll send a follow-up message to you when the update is available.