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Quiz grade display options: show as letter grade

Question asked by Mohanned Neamah on Jul 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by Mohanned Neamah


Just wanted to say first thank you all very much for a very well made platform and great help content! you all are awesome!


My question is: When I make an "Assignment" I have the "Display Grade as" option, in which I can choose to display the results as letter grade or percentage ... etc, and that's what most students prefer as they can relate more to letter grade.


While creating "Quiz" doesn't give this "Display Grade as" option, which I think would be great to have.


But, the thing that I noticed is that I can change the display of a quiz result to letter grade only through Speed grader Mobile app


I wonder is this the only way ?, and if yes why it's not implemented in the web version ?


Kindly see attached pictures.


Thank you very much in advance!