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How do teachers keep Canvas from overwriting previously pushed grades in PowerSchool?

Question asked by Karen Gagnon on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by Karen Gagnon

We will begin using Canvas this fall (2016) and I would like to verify my understanding of the connection between Canvas and our SIS (PowerSchool). It's my understanding that if a teacher uses Canvas to push a graded quiz, assignment, or discussion into PowerSchool, but then manually changes the grades in PowerSchool, Canvas will overwrite those existing grades in PowerSchool the next time the teacher posts grades for additional quizzes, assignments, or discussions from Canvas to PowerSchool. To prevent changes in PowerSchool from being overwritten during future postings of grades from Canvas, can the teacher deselect the Post Grades to SIS checkbox after the first time those grades are posted from Canvas, thus preventing the overwrite during the next posting of grades?