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How do you record/share your daily activities?

Discussion created by Matthew Bourjaily on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by Don Bryn

Hey all,

I've been using Canvas about a year, and I've gotten pretty good with most of the features.  However, I was curious how you might record/share the day-to-day activities and information of a (high school) class with students. 


To clarify: I have for a number of years kept a Google Doc ("What Did I Miss?") that, for each class, contains a brief overview of each class day.  I would bullet point what we did in class ("Discussed research project," "Handed out grammar assignment," "Small group meetings," etc.) and also note if there was any homework (see below for sample): 



Like a lot of teachers, I try to hand out a calendar of activities and assignments ahead of time, but obviously, plans frequently change as material is revisited, not addressed at its scheduled time, etc.  As such, this sort of real-time updated document makes it quite easy for me to go back and see my whole year in review, and it helps keep students on track when they are absent, without them having to ask me or others for details.



So what might work best for doing this in Canvas?  I tried embedding the Google Doc into a Canvas page, but unfortunately, that does not play well with iPads, which all of our students have at present.  Could this be done in "Syllabus"?  Or a web page?