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Finding other course examples and integrating textbook content into Canvas

Question asked by Debra Tobin on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by Debra Tobin

1) I know I have lots of resources almost too many to where I dont' know where to go when I go on the Canvas home page..

Do I go to  teach myself canvas to  find examples used for course start up?  Or go to Instructor Guide?  (bottom right of page).

I know there was a course we could see when we had our workshop that was visibly appealing as a guideline.    I  believe it was a Geology course and then there was another on Ghost Stories.  My canvas course looks terrible , even when I connect or link the modules to the content.  Just not appealing at all. On Moodle  I used pictures, a cartoon, even video in some places.  with each topic we discussed and it showed immediately when you opened up the course in Moodle. 

2) My class integrates the textbook into Moodle 2 for lessons, exercises, etc. I did not fully use it  but did some exericieses from it.  Also not all my students could access the text book because some had not bought it new and it required that and a code to use.   I would like to utilize it more this semester IF it makes it easier for me.  the last thing I need is more work incorporating the text into Canvas.

Is there a tutorial on this also ?  Or is it just uploaded as part of modules or assignments? 


Thanks, Debra