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OneNote - Previously Created Class Notebooks

Question asked by Audrey Green on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by Audrey Green

I found in my previously created Class Notebooks an option in the Add-On menu called CONNECTIONS. I viewed a tutorial explaining that once I choose Canvas as my LMS, I will need to provide the URL for the course I am linking to. Currently, my district is just starting to use Canvas and I only have a "dummy" course where I am playing with features and designing pages for future use. I would like to link my previously created Class Notebooks (at least one of them) to my "dummy" course so I can see how the material appears and functions within Canvas.  If I go through the process of connecting now, will I have trouble connecting later when my actual courses populated with my actual students are pushed through by the county ? Will I be able to somehow use the class notebooks linked now with future courses? Will future notebooks created be accessible? Will I go through the connect process again?

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